Buster from KC Pet Project plays with a ball at the adoption center. Buster found his new home shortly after this picture was taken.

Fundraising Drive to Keep our Adoption Center Running Smoothly

In March, The Pet Connection gave up our shelter and started moving our animals into foster care homes. We did this for several reasons. Our Broadmoor facility was too large and no longer suited to our needs. We wanted to focus more on providing quality foster care & rehabilitation for TPC animals, as well as fill a need in the metro area to help other rescues, shelters, and owners with connecting people and pets. Our goal is to continue to save lives, not only by continuing as a no kill rescue, but by aiding others.

As part of this effort, we recently opened a new adoption center in The Great Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe. This adoption center is a place where other shelters and rescues can bring pets who are available for adoption, as well as receive training, adoption promotion, and support from The Pet Connection. Unfortunately, problems and delays with postal services, website issues, unexpected medical costs for animals under our care, and the general chaos associated relocating have hurt our fundraising efforts in the past three months. We need to raise $900 to help keep our doors open.

On the right side of this website, you will find a ChipIn widget where you can contribute to our goal. Additionally, on our Support page, you can view other ways to help out. Please consider making a contribution so we can keep bringing in dogs from KC Pet Project, Barkin’ Dogs Rescue, Finney County Humane Society, and others. It’s a great location in an under served area where we know we really can make an impact and save more lives. Just ask Buster, pictured at the top of this page. He was a KC Pet Project dog who found his new home just after visiting our adoption center.

We know times are tight, but if you can manage to give even a few dollars, it will help so many homeless pets. Thank you!