Our Philosophy

9b20ab62Animals Are Important

We want to send a very clear-cut message: ANIMALS ARE IMPORTANT. They were domesticated and put here by us and should have a guarantee for care. It is ourselves, our friends, our neighbors, our relatives and our society that have created the problem. We ALL need to take responsibility for it. It’s our intention to form a no-kill coalition by educating the public, providing pet owner services, and finding homes for unwanted and abandoned animals.

Realistic Approachclass

We are providing realistic approaches to animal health and animal training to a wide range of people in varying socioeconomic backgrounds. Being role models as animal caretakers is the only way to teach society what is really required to own a dog or a cat. We consider ourselves a teaching humane society. Hopefully, everyone who leaves our facility has a better understanding of behavior, care, and that being homeless doesn’t have mean being destitute or abandoned. There is something better in between. Most families cannot feel good about placing their pet in a traditional shelter setting, especially if euthanasia is a risk. We are trying to appeal to the true animal lovers, those that want to have an alternative to the “pound” when they die, find a pet on the street, or when they have some circumstances that disallows them to own their pet any longer. They can relax knowing that wrap around services and follow up systems have been put in place to give the pet a best possible chance at his/her new home.