LeAnne Hess Belmont

Trainer,  Animal Caretaker & Behavioral Team member

LeAnne first encountered The Pet Connection when she went in with her two sons and asked for a black dog adoption. They were shown a couple of dogs and her oldest son decided 8 month old Henley was the perfect dog because he was “so civilized.” LeAnne and her family proceeded to spend many hours with Melody and Jason over the next two years learning how to handle their “civilized” behavioral special needs dog. She was so impressed with the amount of support and dedication shown by The Pet Connection staff, that she started volunteering. Little did she suspect that the decision would quickly lead to many hours as an animal caretaker at the shelter, fostering, training dogs, painting, designing, and helping with whatever other task was needed.

In the past, she has worked as a commissioned artist, corporate & management trainer in the securities industry, and a technical writer. Currently, she conducts obedience, social shaping, and reactive dog classes at The Pet Connection.

Training Philosophy: “I believe that training is about teaching people to communicate with their dogs in a positive manner. It’s showing them how to understand the body language, motivation, and behavior and to make changes that don’t harm the human-canine relationship.”