Adoption Benefits

The Pet Connection offers MORE with every adoption making your experience more economical and enjoyable.

  • Pre-adoption veterinarian examination
  • Neutered pet
  • Cats tested for FeLV/FIV
  • Dogs tested for heartworm/ehrlichia/lyme
  • Cats vaccinated for FVRCP & rabies
  • Dogs vaccinated for DA2PPC & rabies
  • All pets are microchipped prior to going home
  • All pets treated for fleas and worms
  • Dentals or other medical completed
  • Temperament screening

While the pet is in our program, we start getting to know them better. The cats are taught to use a scratching post. Dogs are taught to sit, come, stay, and go. We housebreak the animals while they are in our program and start training them to walk on a leash. There is no charges for adoptions, but donations are encouraged to help us with program expenses.

Adopters receive:

  • Post-adoption veterinarian examination
  • Reduced cost veterinarian care for 60 days
  • Free training and behavioral consultations for life of the pet
  • Support services for the pet if it becomes lost or stolen
  • Professional staff

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