The behavioral team at The Pet Connection consists of highly qualified individuals who have a goal. They want each and every person that they come in contact with to learn something about their animal. There are no gimmicks and no money making schemes. The classes are priced low so that lower income people can be privy to the same information. Training classes are getting more and more expensive and dog trainers range in qualifications all over the metro. The proceeds for the behavioral and training center go to help operate programs.

The training staff works with animals on a day to day basis. Animal behavior, training, and developing training protocols for problem animals is something that we have been able to mainstream and simplify for the general public.

We keep the classes inexpensive because we know that the person fed up with their dog isn’t usually motivated to spend a bunch of money on an animal he doesn’t even want. For some reason, our society feels powerless over many pet related problems. We help them at their capacity to help their pets. We get a lot of very positive feedback about our classes. Our classes aren’t just for adopters. They are for people that are looking for inexpensive advice & information about dog or cat training and behavior.