The Pet Connection offers a low-cost obedience training and behavior consultation with the guidance of our highly qualified staff. The number one reason why people relinquish a dog or a cat is for relatively common behavioral problems. These classes help educate individuals on how to fix these problems. We use positive reinforcement to teach dogs how to live with their owners and to teach the owners how to communicate with their dogs.

Class Schedule:

(One-hour classes available by appointment)

Classes offered are based on the needs of individual dogs. One class might focus on fear reactive dogs that need to learn to be appropriate around other dogs or to be less afraid of strangers.  Another separate class may offer obedience training for new adopters. Some classes focus mainly on dogs learning to play and socialize with one another. Pre-registration and an initial evaluation is required to insure dogs are placed in an appropriate class setting. Private consultations can also be scheduled throughout the week by contacting

All animals attending classes or visiting The Pet Connection must be current on vaccinations, free of fleas & worms, and symptom-free of illness. Puppies must have at least two of their puppy shots.

About Our Trainers

The behavioral team at The Pet Connection consists of highly qualified individuals who have a goal. They want each and every person that they come in contact with to learn something about their animal. There are no gimmicks and no money making schemes. The classes are priced low so that people of all income levels can have access to the same information. The proceeds for the behavioral and training center go to help operate life-saving rescue, sheltering & medical programs.