The Pet Connection

Want some fun? How about some smarts? Need an energy boost? Looking for a best pal? I'm your gal!

The name is Cress and I'm a brindle ball of energy and drive, hoping to land myself a forever home. I'm a very active girl and love to play, play, play.

I've also learned to settle down and enjoy being petted -- it just takes some time and patience. I'm a really good student when provided consistent training. Heck, I already know "sit" and I'm a good treat taker, too. And here's a secret -- I LOVE to play with racquet balls and I've heard talk that I'm pretty darned cute doing it.

So here's what I need: Regular, consistent training. Exercise for my body and mind and maybe even a job to do -- scent training, frisbee, agility, I'm game! Patience while I continue working on being my best doggy self.

I'm best in a place without little kids, not because I don't like them (I do!) but because I'm sooooo energetic I would knock the little ones down.

The humans call me "dog selective," which means I get along with some other canines, but not all. So really, I'm kind of like human picking friends in that regard! The folks at The Pet Connection are more than happy to help introduce me to your resident pooches. Do you have a feline friend? That's amazeballs! I get along just great with cats!

Love and kisses,

P.S. I've been called a goofball and a clown. I'm just dropping my video right here so you can judge for yourself. I promise to keep you entertained AND love you unconditionally!