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Emily Elkins has always been an animal lover but found her calling when she became a veterinary technician in 2016. She discovered a passion for fearful dogs and dogs with behavioral issues. As an animal shelter employee, Emily made it her personal mission to evaluate and find rescue placement for dogs on the euthanasia list due to behavior; many of those dogs were simply fearful and are now happily living in homes with understanding people.


She met Kira, a terrified pit bull mix ill with parvovirus, at the shelter and since Emily was the only veterinary technician who could handle Kira, became solely responsible for Kira’s parvo treatment. After nursing her back to health, Emily was dismayed to learn that Kira was on the euthanasia list due to her behavior. She personally transported Kira to Iowa to a rescue that was willing to take her, and she was adopted and doing well now. This experience influenced Emily to focus her career on behavioral issues and training. Emily began volunteering with The Pet Connection by transporting dogs in her free time. She is now a TPC dog trainer teaching dog training classes, rehabilitating dogs, and co-running the Raytown location.


She shares her home with Wiley, a ball of energy also known as a heeler/aussie mix, Doby, a boxer/German shepherd mix who earns his keep as a peer dog in TPC classes, Jenny, a staffordshire terrier/frenchie mix, and Lulu, a leopard gecko.


Emily advises that when frustrated with a dog with behavioral issues, the human should take a moment to slow down and remember that the dog is even more frustrated.

Emily Elkins

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