Bonnie would love a foster or forever home! She's one of the most loving kitties we've ever met and can pose like a model on the cover of Cat Fancy.

How do you feel about the most loving kitty on the planet who also happens to be a top model? Pretty good, right? Well, get ready because Bonnie, the stunning blue cream tortie, is accepting applications!

You'd never know it now, but Bonnie had a really rough start to life. She and her two kittens lost their home when the brick chimney collapsed and the house was condemned. Shelters and rescues were called, but none could take the little family, so they were tossed outside to fend for themselves.

The Pet Connection went to find the trio and brought them to safety. Isabell was adopted, Webster is still looking for his home, and Bonnie is absolutely thriving at the sanctuary! She craves attention from humans, purrs like crazy, and wants nothing more than to be near you, getting pets and even belly rubs. Be warned, though--Cat Fancy magazine will be knocking at your door to take pics of this beauty! Turns out she's a natural at posing perfectly.

Bonnie was attacked by a dog some time ago and her left eye injured. While the vet believes she still has limited use of that eye, it unfortunately seems to be worsening and may need to be removed. The Pet Connection is working with the vet to evaluate Bonnie's eye and will cover the cost of her surgery if it is necessary. Either way, she is ready to live a wonderful, happy life in a loving home. Bonnie also has FIV, which will lower her immune system, but if you decide to foster this sweet girl, The Pet Connection will cover all of her medical expenses for that, too.

Call or text us at 913-7387 for more info on Bonnie. She's staying in Beloit, Kansas, but transport is available to the right home.

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