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Senior kitty Homie is looking for a wonderful home where he can nap and snuggle with his forever friends.

This adorable old man is Homie. Homie was adopted just a few months ago from a shelter in the Kansas City metro. He thought he'd found his second chance at a forever home. You see, for the first 14 years of his life, Homie lived with one person, but his person died and the family brought Homie and his younger kitty sibling to the shelter. The younger kitty was, of course, adopted quickly. Homie waited and waited for his chance. He's been in his new home for just about four months now and his new person has decided she doesn't want to be bothered with a cat anymore. It doesn't have anything to do with Homie, mind you, because Homie's pretty much the perfect kitty. But done she is, so sweet Homie is looking yet again and we're going to help him find the perfect home with people who know how to keep a promise to their Homie.

Homie is what you might call "chonky." He weighs nearly 20 pounds, and isn't necessarily the most active kitty on the planet. In fact, Homie is lazy (doesn’t even like toys!), well behaved, and such a cuddle bug once he gets to know and trust you. He’s not a fan of super loud noises or strangers but a total lover boy otherwise. Homie really enjoys it when you talk to him. He drinks out of a water fountain, which will go with him to his new home, as will plenty of his senior cat food.

According to the shelter, this boy has nothing wrong with him. His only grooming needs are regular brushing and nail clipping, which he handles just fine. He has all of his claws but doesn't scratch on furniture. He faithfully uses his litterbox, too! See? Perfection!

If you're looking for a senior kitty with so much love to give, who will snuggle and nap and keep you company, call or text The Pet Connection and ask about Homie. 913-671-7387. He's in the KC metro, but transport is available to the right home!


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