Leo likes getting all the pets and is the most chill of all the cats in his litter.

Leo was the last one out of his litter to decide that he liked people. He still isn't crazy about being picked up, but who can blame him, really? He likes to be next to his people on the couch and he likes getting all the pets while he's lounging on the couch and while he's walking around and standing. It takes Leo a bit longer than the others to warm up, but when he does he is such a chill cat! Even when he was a little kitty, while all of the others were playing and running crazy, Leo was chillaxing and observing the chaos. He is one cool dude.

Leo was once a tiny, hissy feral kitten. Many people said it was hopeless and that Leo and his littermates would never be part of someone's family. But a very kind lady sat quietly with those babies for months. She showed them that humans were nice and gentle and came bearing really good food and toys. And it worked! Those kittens are now ten months old and ready to find homes.

Each has their own wonderfully unique personality and you're sure to find your match! They may take some time to transition in their new homes, but they are so sweet and funny. They will come with supplies, including a carrier, a bed, familiar food, treats, and favorite toys.

Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more information. They're in the Kansas City metro, just waiting for your call!

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