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Little Nugget adores his people and follows you from room to room.

This cute little guy is Nugget. Nugget was born on July 12 to an inside cat with an unplanned pregnancy; he was the only one of four kittens in the litter born with CH (cerebellar hypoplasia or wobbly cat syndrome), which is neither contagious nor painful.

As he has been held and loved on every day of his life, he is a lovebug. He loves to cuddle, will sleep on your lap, or by you in the chair or on the bed. His CH is moderate, and he is very mobile; of course, he has tumbles, wobbles, and falls on his journeys, but nothing holds Nugget back. He follows you from room to room. He has always lived with other cats and is now being fostered in a home with dogs. He eats just fine (yes, a bit messy) and drinks water just fine. He is working on using the litter box; he knows to go where there is kitty litter but sometimes goes outside the box.

Nugget has been neutered and is vaccinated. He is in the Kansas City northland. Nugget needs a loving and knowledgeable forever home.

Please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 if you are interested in knowing more about Nugget.

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