He's all cute speckled belly and snuggly lap kitty!

What's not to love about Timmy? He's soft, lovable, huggable, and thinks he's a lap cat!

Unfortunately, Timmy's dad is sick and can't care for him any longer, so Timmy the kitty is looking for a new home and is hoping to hit you up for a new place to land. He doesn't need luxurious accommodations with gold fixtures and all, but treats and fluffy beds would be pretty cool. He also really likes being petted and enjoys a good conversation with his peeps. He's a senior guy, so late-night partying isn't his thing anymore, but boy, did he live it up in his younger days!

Think you and Timmy might be a match? Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 and we'll hook you up. Timmy's in the KC metro, but transportation to the right home is available.

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