Webster is shy, but give him some time and space and he'll reward you with his love and attention.

This little guy is Webster. At only eight months old, he's been through a lot. His house was condemned and he was tossed outside to fend for himself. Webster has been in a foster home for a bit and is ready to find a new home now and thought you might be looking!

While Webster may have started out as a scaredy cat, he has turned out to be quite the friendly guy with his favorite person and with the other cats in his foster home. In fact, once Webster was given the run of the house and spent a minute getting to know his feline foster sibs, they showed him the ropes and the whole crew spent some time running like a herd of elephants through the house! Webster is thoroughly enjoying himself, to say the least.

Now, Webster is still shy around the other humans in his foster home, but he's warming up to them . . . slowly. His foster dad was allowed to touch Webster's foot the other day! Webster's generosity knows no bounds, really. Webster met one of the resident dogs, too, and did just fine. Go Webster!

Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more information on Webster. He's in the KC metro but transportation to the right home is available.

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