Ziggy likes head scratches, belly rubs and will even talk to you.

Ziggy is so sweet, he’ll flop down any time, any place for a head scratch or a belly rub. It took him a little bit to come around initially, but once he did, he was all in! He likes to be petted, picked up, and adores attention. He even jabbers a little. It took a long time for the whole litter to talk because their mama taught them to be very quiet to keep them safe. Ziggy has a baby face but he and one other kitty, a boy named Leo, take after their daddy and are big boys!

You would never know it now, but Ziggy was once a tiny, hissy feral kitten, afraid of everybody and everything. Many people said it was hopeless and that Ziggy and his littermates would never be part of someone's family, would never lounge on a human's bed, would never cuddle by a fire. But a very kind lady knew those people were wrong. She sat quietly with those hissy babies for months. She showed them that humans were good, that humans were gentle and came bearing really good food and toys. And do you know what happened? It worked! Those kittens are now seven months old and ready to find homes.

Each has their own amazing personality and you're sure to find your match! They may take some time to transition in their new homes, but they are so sweet and funny. They will come with supplies, including a cat carrier, a bed, familiar food, treats, a blanket, and favorite toys.

Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more information. They're in the Kansas City metro, just waiting for your call!

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