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Abby likes playing with her favorite toy and has the cutest way to tell you she's happy.

Abby girl has lost the only home she's ever known. Her mama went to assisted living and her dad could no longer care for her. We made a promise to them that we'd find their baby a new home.

She was adopted as a puppy from a rescue in Oklahoma in 2016, which means she turns eight years old in 2024, March 2024, to be precise. Sweet girl has a lot of sugar on her face.

Abby's still new to The Pet Connection and is adjusting to not having a home, but if you give her a just a bit to know you, you'll discover that Abby likes touch when she trusts you. She likes to play with her green rubber toy, too, and she gets loose and wiggly, and a little bit silly. She's a fan of hot dogs and chicken, and she likes to be fed said chicken while she lies on her bed like Roman royalty.

You'll discover that Abby is a lovely girl who needs a home, that Abby is a sweet girl who needs you.

Please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more information on Abby. She's in the KC metro, but transport is available to the right home.

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