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Atlas has many interests, food, squeaky toys, and belly rubs are just a few.

Do you like food? Are you looking for a fun, playful pooch? That's amazing! Atlas likes food and is both fun AND playful. In fact, Atlas will do just about anything you want for a treat (cheese! chicken! Milk Bones!) and he loves playing with balls and squeaky toys.

At the same time, Atlas is also gentle, affectionate, and loving once you are his friend. He'll solicit attention, pets, and chest scritches. That's when you know you're in his inner circle! He's done great meeting kids, too. He's also making friends with some of the other dogs at The Pet Connection! He's not encountered cats that we know of.

Atlas is such a good boy who is just looking for someone to call his own. Could that someone be you?

Call/text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more info on Atlas. He's in the KC metro, but Atlas is happy to hitch a ride with us to the right home.

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