He's a playful, silly boy who does great with other dogs but can also be your one-and-only pooch.

Balto is quite the charmer! He's a shepherd mix, about five years old, and he gets along great with other dogs, but would also do just fine as the only dog getting alllll the attention in his new home.

This silly, playful pup is quite versatile, and loves both swimsuit season, during which he romps in the kiddie pool, and ski season, when he likes frolicking in the snow. He's fine with a four-foot fence and shows no desire to leap over. He also happens to be amazing on leash, even in five inches of unshoveled snow (see, he's a snow bunny, for sure!).

If you like to watch the wildlife in your yard, Balto will happily sit with you and watch, too. He thinks woodpeckers and squirrels are fascinating and is quite adorable while he observes their antics.

Balto takes a minute to warm up to new people and prefers a quiet environment. Once he knows you, though, he'll be your handsome doggy shadow. Don't be surprised if he nudges open an unlatched door and makes himself comfortable on the bed next to you.

Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more info on Balto. He's in the KC metro, but we'll bring Balto to the right out-of-town home.

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