Bear, an appropriately named pooch. . .

This big, fluffy, happy, almost-too-cute-for-words boy is Bear. He is a Komondor / Shepherd mix and about two years old. Weighing in at 95 pounds, he is most definitely not a purse dog. But that's okay--Bear loves car rides, so you don't need him in your purse!

In case you were wondering (you know you were!), Bear is quite the hugger and cuddler once he knows and trusts you, and will gladly join you on the bed and couch for some time with his human. Because he doesn't know his own size, he also strongly believes he is a lap dog, which is very cute, but maybe not so comfortable for the person whose lap he is on. Bear also expects belly rubs on occasion, so don't be surprised when he flops onto his back as a super subtle hint.

Bear has very good house manners and will wait quietly in his room while you're gone. He's housetrained, too!

Bear limps a little because he suffered an injury to one of his back legs that wasn't properly treated, but he's all healed now and doesn't seem to be in any pain. It sure doesn't stop him from running and playing. After a slow and appropriate introduction, Bear and the dogs in his foster home are always down for a good romp and he sure as heck keeps up with them!

Stating the obvious here, but Bear is clearly adorable. Keep in mind that his breed mix will require routine grooming or his beautiful locks will get matted and make him feel awful. In addition to his grooming needs, Bear needs an adult-only home with a fenced yard and patient people who are willing to give Bear the time and space he needs to get comfortable. This guy hasn't had it easy and we want his next home to be perfect for him.

Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more information on Bear. He is in the Kansas City metro, but transport might be available to the right home.

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