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Big Rocky

Rocky loves kids and other dogs, a little bit of yoga, some rides in the car, and time with you!

Rocky is a gentle soul who starts his morning with some stretches, downward dog yoga poses, and meditation (aka naps in the sun). He's a big chap at about 80 pounds, but don't worry, at just over four years old, Rocky won't be growing more!

You couldn't ask for a better pooch than this guy. He's intelligent, affectionate, loving, house-trained, and doesn’t chew on anything (except for toys and Benebone wishbones). Rocky is good with adults and children of all ages -- he grew up with babies and toddlers and loves spending time with a 2.5-year-old toddler now, playing ball with him for hours.

Do you have a dog in need of a companion? Fantastic! We think Rocky would do great in a home with at least one other medium to large dog. He's very social and likes to be with other dogs. Rocky adores the dogs in his foster home. He carefully picks out toys to share with them and then they enjoy a good game of chase in the yard.

Rocky already knows sit, stay, come, touch, and shake. He loves earning treats by doing these tricks and could be easily trained to learn even more. Rocky takes treats so, so gently from your hand, too. (He's such a good boy!)
Some of Rocky's favorite things are getting pets, riding in the car, being outdoors, playing with toys, cuddling with his people and dog friends, and going on walks.

What Rocky would love to do most of all, though, is find his forever home. Please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 if you're The One. If not, please share Rocky's information with everyone you know so you can visit Rocky at their house when he gets adopted.


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