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You won't need a weighted blanket with this 100-pound lab puppy!

Say hello to your new best friend, Bo - or, as his current owners like to call him, Bobear, Bobapfett, Bobarooni, and Bobo the hut!

Would YOU like a 100-pound cuddle bug that doesn't know what personal space means? This pyrenees/collie/aussie mix is Bo and he is looking for a human that wants a dog for a weighted blanket!

Bo was rescued at about four months old after he was thrown from a moving car. He is about 3.5 years old now and he has come a long way, but we've discovered he needs a home with no other animals. He knows his worth and he knows he deserves all the attention.

Bo just asks that you keep him away from the scary things out there - showers (terrifying, who the heck likes to go in there?!), skateboards (a taller human on wheels?! No way!), and bicycles (now the human is super speedy and on wheels?! Woah.)

Bo is a gentle giant and the biggest baby. If he isn't laying directly on top of you in bed, then you're playing tug of war together or chasing each other. He's not so crazy about people messing with his toys and food, so he's looking for an adult-only home or one with older kids.

Bo is all about his people! Text or call 913-671-7387 for more information on Bobear!

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