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Bobbie is a playful, silly husky puppy who adores kids.

This girl! She has been through so much in her 11 months, but Bobbie is still the sweetest, silliest puppy ever. So that you understand just how remarkable she is, you need to know a little about Bobbie's story.

A good Samaritan contacted The Pet Connection in early December for help with a dog he'd found the day before. It was cold outside, and none of the other shelters and rescues he had called could help. The dog was female, he said, and very sweet. But someone had cut off her tail, and all that was left was a bloody stump.

One of our volunteers picked Bobbie up, brought her to a veterinarian for immediate medical care, and then back to our Raytown facility for some TLC and boarding while she served a stray hold. Crystal Paugh Tucker with Pawsitive Tails Dog Rescue generously agreed to partner with us to help with Bobbie's medical expenses.

After Bobbie's spay surgery, she started attacking her non-existent tail. A visit to yet a third veterinarian revealed that bone was exposed and that she would need corrective surgery. After the surgery, Bobbie started going after her tail with more intensity; then, she started on her back feet. Bobbie was prescribed a cocktail of meds for phantom pain and suspected neurological symptoms. Bobbie sometimes had to be distracted 24/7, and other times had to be carried wherever she needed to go. Over the next two weeks, Bobbie went to two different emergency vets in the Kansas City metro area and then was rushed to Mizzou, where she was finally taken off nearly all of the meds. That's when Bobbie made her incredible recovery and we got Bobbie the wild husky puppy back!

Now Bobbie is ready for her forever or foster home! She has to wear a cone for a while longer, but she is ready. Bobbie adores kids and other dogs, although her enthusiasm might be a bit much for some. She loves her toys and running like the wind, too.

Call or text us at 913-671-7387 to meet Bobbie. She's in the KC metro.


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