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Bobbie is a playful, silly husky puppy who adores kids.

Everyone should have a Bobbie in their life. Bobbie is the sweetest one-year-old pup with the most beautiful blue eyes, and her boopity-boop tail makes her very unique and special! She loves kids, cats, other dogs, and humans – she is just so full of love and life.

This girl! She has been through so much already, but Bobbie is still the sweetest, silliest puppy ever. When Bobbie was found, she was missing her tail for reasons we still don’t know. After Bobbie’s spay surgery, heartbreakingly, she started attacking her non-existent tail. She had corrective surgery to better repair her tail, and then she was put on meds for continuing to attack her tail and back feet. This poor, sweet baby.

Eventually, after much effort and multiple specialty vet visits, she was taken off all the meds. That’s when Bobbie made her incredible recovery and we got Bobbie the wild husky puppy back!

Now Bobbi is ready for her forever home! Bobbie adores kids and other dogs, although her enthusiasm might be a bit much for some. She loves her toys and running like the wind, too. Bobbie loves to play fetch, is very food motivated and quick to learn. To know her is to love her! She is even house trained and crate trained.

Call or text us at 913-671-7387 to meet Bobbie. She's in the KC metro, but transport is available to the right home.


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