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Bruce is a gem of a boy who loves being with his people, but can also happily hang out by himself.

This 40-pound baby is Bruce. He didn't come from a very good home, where he was kept locked and hungry in a bedroom with another dog, then went to live at a noisy rural shelter, which was very stressful for him. But he's been in a foster home for about two months now and is doing just great! Turns out that Bruce is 100% good boy! He's house- and crate trained, pretty doggoned chill and an overall sweet boy who loves to give kisses.

Bruce has a toy basket where his ample stash of dog toys is stored, but it doesn't stay there for long! He gets every single one of those toys out and brings it to his spot under the table or to his comfy bed so he can carefully choose which one to play with next. He also brings his foster mom and dad a toy when he sees them! He's generous like that.

He enjoys hanging out with his people, doing fun stuff like playing and being sweet and cuddly, but he's also great spending time by himself, playing, napping and sunbathing. Bruce isn't quite sure yet how he feels about living with other dogs, but he knows he's not a cat guy. (The Pet Connection and Bruce's foster family are working on Bruce's relationship with other dogs and how he might be with a canine sibling.)

Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more information on Bruce! He's staying in the Kansas City metro, but transport is available to the right home.

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