Butterscotch (Butters to you and me) is not only handsome, he's also a very smart boy and a friend to the other dogs here at The Pet Connection.

Butterscotch (aka Butters) is ready to make it official and move out of the temporary digs at The Pet Connection and into his real, permanent home now. Are you the one? His person? His people? He's such a handsome pooch, so you know he's going to look super duper cute in the family holiday pics, right?

This guy is housetrained and sleeps in his crate at night (he goes right in when you tell him to go to his "house," even!). He knows "sit" and "stay" and mostly follows those commands, especially if you have a treat or two. Once you put his food bowl down in front of him he waits until you say "yes" to start eating. He's a very smart boy!

Butters loves other dogs and has lots of doggo friends, but is too rough with the felines. He needs a home with no or older kids (they can be kinda scary, so who can blame him). He'll need a slow intro to new people, but he is definitely worth a little patience, because once he knows you, Butters is sweet and snuggly and silly and fancies himself a lap dog, even.

Let us know if you'd like Butters to be your new family member. Just call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387! He's in the KC metro, but transport is available to the home, because Butters is also a very good car rider!).

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