Dexter is the cutest, goofiest dog and he'll give you the most ridiculous picture poses ever!

Derp alert! Derp alert! My name is Dexter. I'm a goof and darned proud of it.

I'm a young boy and weigh about 70 pounds, but I’m definitely a trim 70! I try to be in tip top shape! I’m a bit shy when I first meet people, but if you’re nice to me and maybe give me some treats (subtle, right?), once I know you I'll love you BIG time! I really am the sweetest boy. In fact, despite my size, I strongly believe that your lap is my lap and will happily join you for a big slobbery kiss.

Sometimes I think men can be more difficult to meet at first, but then I really seem to be drawn to them once I realize they are kind. (Chicken helps, too!) Because I can be a bit shy, a low-activity, adult-only home (or a low-activity home with older kids) would be best for me. And one without cats. I just don’t understand those creatures. They are so weird!

I have done well with some other dogs, but seem to like the little ones best. I will need a 6-foot privacy fence because I can be a little bit of an escape artist. I mean, I don’t really know where I’m escaping to, and I have come back, but I seem to like adventure so, for my own safety, a privacy fence is needed.

I also love to play fetch with a ball. And I already know shake! I’m super treat motivated, too. (In case you haven't gotten my hints, the way to my heart is definitely through my stomach. And my stomach likes treats.)

My friends also tell me I have the prettiest intense eyes. Like they look right into your soul. Want to see?
Would you like to get together to see if you’re my forever person/family? I hope so!

If you are interested in Dexter or would like more information about him, please call/text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387. He's in the Kansas City metro, but transport is available to the right home.

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