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Dexter is the cutest, goofiest dog and he'll give you the most ridiculous picture poses ever!

Hi there, I’m Dexter! I’m smart and affectionate and just a bit lazy, all wrapped up into one fantastic companion. I’m silly and goofy and such a nice friend, but I can be shy and unsure sometimes, too. I’ve just had a life full of instability and change, that’s all, so it takes me a little extra time to learn to relax and to know that you’re my people. Once we bond, you’ll find me to be such a lovely dog. I’m the sort of friend who will stay with you in your heart forever.

I’m a handsome, ~60-pound sweetheart, with stunning, gentle eyes that will make you melt, beautiful markings, and an unassuming, charming personality. I’m already fully housebroken too! I found myself all alone as a stray with no one to turn to when Foster Mom stepped into my life. She was just what I needed at just the right time. She has been teaching me manners and all about how great life can be as part of a family, and I have been busy soaking up every ounce of love and attention that she shares with me. She says I’m ready now to start the next chapter of my life. I’m ready to be adopted! I hope you’re the one who will welcome me into your family!

I’ve come so far during my time in foster, making Foster Mom beam with pride. Everything was so new and strange to me, but I settled right in with my new routine, and I’m very well behaved. My perfect day consists of lounging on the couch or bed, playing with my favorite stuffie toys, going for a short walk, and curling up next to you as you tell me what a good boy I am. I’m a sensitive soul, so please don’t be harsh with me. If you stay patient and calm with me, praising and encouraging me when I do the right thing, it will help me learn what you expect from me. I am one smart cookie and eager to please. Training me is easy and fun, aided by my love of delicious treats, of course.

I don’t need a ton of exercise to keep me happy, but I do enjoy a daily walk. I’ve worked really hard on my leash skills during my time in foster, and I typically walk very well on my leash these days. Sometimes people or other dogs startle me though. Foster Dad helps me keep my distance from others, which works great. I prefer walking in familiar, low traffic areas, where I know what to expect. I am picky with my dog friends, so slow introductions help me to be more at ease. I currently live with two older female dogs in my foster home and we get along just fine. If you have another dog, I will need to meet them before we go home together, to make sure we’re a good match for each other. I need a home without cats, please, because I like to chase them. And I will be happiest in a home with all adults or older kids. The younger kiddos make me nervous. I’m looking for a quiet and calm home without a lot of commotion, and with kind, chill people who like the fact that I enjoy being a couch potato or a big lap dog most days.

All I’ve ever wanted is to live a safe and peaceful life with people I love. It really is as simple as that for me. Living in my foster home, I’ve learned that life is so much sweeter when you get to share it with someone special. I want to share mine with you.

Love, Dexter.

Would you like to get together to make sure I'm your forever pup? Then go ahead and call/text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 and ask about me, Dexter! My foster home is in the Kansas City metro, but my friends will transport me to my forever home! What a deal!


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