One of Dooley's favorite pastimes is lingering in the yard to explore and play with his toys.

Dooley is a lovely, mellow boy who likes to linger in the yard to explore and play with his toys. He had a loving, happy life with a devoted mama who thinks Dooley and his three canine siblings hung the moon, but she is very sick now and can no longer care for them. We're hoping you can help.

Dooley is about 72 pounds and 10 years old. He loves people, giving them smooches, and getting pets and plenty of attention. He's good with other dogs, too. He's housetrained and such a good boy in the house. This guy doesn't need to be in a kennel when left alone, even! Dooley is good on leash and enjoys going on saunters through the neighborhood with you by his side. He's also a snuggle bug, which we all know is a very important dog trait. You should also know that behind all of that sweetness, Dooley is also the Destroyer of Tennis Balls; he will entertain you for hours, devotedly ripping them to shreds, never eating even one bite. It might be one of the funniest things we've ever had the pleasure of watching.

He and his buddy, Pootie, a 35-pound corgi mix, like to cuddle and sleep together. Dooley and Pootie don't have to stay together, but if you're looking for a duo of fabulousness, they'd be happy to help you out.

What we really want is for these four dogs to live the rest of their lives in warm, loving homes with people who will see to it that they know all the comforts that senior dogs should know. And treats. They should get all the treats, too.

Please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 if you can help. They are in the KC metro, but you know we will bring Dooley and his cohorts to the right homes.

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