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Duke is ready for his own social media pages, featuring pics of him with his fave squeaky balls and stuffies.

Meet six-month-old Duke! This handsome boy has the most beautiful brown eyes and the sweetest floppy ears. It's kind of hard not to fall in love with him for his looks alone, but there's so much more to Duke!

For example, he's a fan of TOYS, especially squeaky balls and stuffies--he will gladly run after any squeaky ball you throw in the yard and carry his stuffies around the house. And he will look so darned cute doing it, too! He's so photogenic and ready to pose for pics and videos. You could start entire Duke social media pages!

Duke can be a bit of a nervous scaredy cat, but once he knows and trusts you he's a big ol' love bug. He adores bedtime and the opportunity it presents for major cuddles. If you're late to bed, Duke will grumble to remind you that it's time to hit the hay. His subtlety is one of the many things we love about him.

If you enjoy car rides and think your drive time would be enhanced by a floppy-eared mixed breed pooch, Duke would love to ride along! He jumps right in the back seat for the adventure.

Duke shares his current home with another, older dog, and they love to chase and wrestle. We think he would do fine with another dog in his new home as long as his new canine companion has a similar play style and doesn't overwhelm Duke. (The folks at The Pet Connection will be happy to introduce your pup and Duke to make sure they get along, of course.)

Do you have a calm, quiet, adult-only home? (Translation: Do you make sure the 52 screaming elementary school children have their after-school snacks at your sister's house instead of yours?) Are you a low-key, patient person willing to let Duke settle in without overwhelming him with new people and activities? (Translation: Can you resist introducing Duke to real-life clowns in their clown cars right away, despite your deep and abiding love of clowns?)

Yes? Then by all means, please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 and ask about Duke! He's in the KC metro but transport is available to the right home.

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