He gives lots of kisses, always brings the ball back, and is the best snuggle bug.

Dynamo had been a part of the same family since April of 2016 when he was adopted as a puppy. He grew up alongside two baby boys whom he did wonderful with. He gave lots of kisses, always brought the ball back, and became the best snuggle bug. Dynamo had some issues with another dog that the family couldn’t fix. He was taken back to Saving Death Row Dogs, who took him back with open arms. November 2020 he was placed in a boarding facility. When space opened up at the boarding facility The Pet Connection uses to temporarily board dogs, he moved there right away. We began his training in July of 2021, but in October he was still not thriving there. October 22, 2021, one of our trainers took Dynamo home to foster and work on his arousal in a home environment. A week and a half later Emily came home to a weak, pale, lethargic dog with no appetite. Dynamo was rushed to the nearest emergency vet clinic, where they realized Dynamo had fluid in his abdomen. Blood had leaked into his abdomen, which required an emergency splenectomy - there was a bleeding mass. Dynamo has cancer, a hemangiosarcoma on his spleen. After everything Dynamo has been through, he now has around 6 months of life left as a 5 year old dog. The Pet Connection, Saving Death Row Dogs, his foster and human friends are teaming up to give him the most extraordinary next few months.

We need your help. We are low on funds, but we want to give Dynamo as much as we possibly can.

“Last week when Dynamo was checking out the Christmas tree, I shed a tear. I’d like to make his last Christmas extra special. If anyone would like to buy a Christmas gift or donate to Dynamo’s care, I would happily video him opening his presents.” - Emily

If you can donate even just $5, our PayPal is donatetopets@thepetconnection.net or our website is www.thepetconnection.net. Thank you all.

If you’re interested in becoming Dynamo’s hospice foster, please text or call (913)-671-7387 for more information.

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