He's an affectionate goofball, for sure.

Yes, Gabe's fat cheeks are even cuter in person. Gabe's a big ol' sweetie, too. He loves to be close and to love and be loved. When you're sitting, he will rest his head on your lap and gently place his large paw on you. Heck, Gabe (all 76 pounds of him) thinks he might be a lap dog. He's happy to help you watch Netflix cuddled up on the couch. While he loves to sleep on his human's bed (sideways, of course), he is also kennel trained.

Gabe gets along with the other dog in his foster home and loves to run and play with his buddy in the yard. He's a fan of toys, especially those he can use for a good round of tug of war or successfully dismantle. Indestructible toys just aren't as much fun!

He gets nervous in the car but his foster mom is taking him on short car rides to fun places to help overcome that fear. Gabe is in The Pet Connection's training program so he can learn to be his very best doggie self.

Interested in meeting Gabe? Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more info or submit an application on Chain of Hope's website, He's in the Kansas City metro.

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