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Harley loves car rides and playing with her doggo friends.

Showing her Labrador genes, Harley loves water and will happily spend time playing in a lake with her dog friends, whom she adores. If you're into boats, cars, or golf carts, Harley calls shotgun--she loves to ride along!

She's snuggly, sweet and calm with her people, lays her head in your lap for some attention, is good on leash, has very good manners in the house when allowed to free roam, and is even housetrained, Harley is not at all shy about telling you when she thinks it's time to play, either.

There are some things Harley does not like. She does not like her toy stuffies being taken away. She doesn't like being hit, bopped, booped, smacked or otherwise having hands put on her as a form of discipline or deterrence. And she doesn't like people raising their voices or yelling at her. If you can refrain from doing those things, and instead use training techniques that The Pet Connection shows you, Harley just might be your girl.

Harley needs an adult-only home (or one with older kids), one with dogs would be fine, and we're checking on how she feels about cats.

Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more information on Harley. She's in Beloit, Kansas, and we'd like to place her in the surrounding area if at all possible. But if you're an extra-special home, with everything Harley needs and deserves, maybe we can chat.


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