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Hope is wiggles and happiness rolled into an adorable forty-pound body.

Take one look at that little face and just try to resist. We dare you.

This, friends, is Hope. All 40 pounds of Hope are programmed to snuggle, give kisses, and be by your side. Well, a few pounds are programmed to steal socks and do this really cute little whine-whimper combo when you're ignoring her and she wants something, including your attention.

She will make you laugh with her adorable shenanigans--climbing on top of you like she's a teeny lap dog, falling asleep while she's chewing on a toy (she's a fan of toys!), rolling on her back for belly rubs, and making pig snorts while she smiles up at you. Speaking of toys, Hope is very good at puzzle toys, loves tug of war and balls for fetch, and enjoys small toys she can hold in her mouth and squeak over and over and over.

Hope will greet you with all the happy wiggles when you come home, even if you've been gone for 1.25 minutes, and snuggle with you all night long. She'll be your shadow and your very best pal.

Hope has a tendency to protect her food and toys and is working with The Pet Connection on that. Her training should be continued after her adoption. She will do best in adult-only home.

She gets along famously with other dogs, but she's not had the opportunity to meet a cat yet.

If you're as smitten with Hope as we think you will be, call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387. She's in the Kansas City metro, but transport is available to the right home!

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