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Jimmy loves people, cheese, and playing, in no particular order!

Welcome to The Pet Connection, Jimmy! Our friend Scott Poore brought this fun guy to stay with us for a while and we've had such a good time getting to know him.

Jimmy is friendly with people and is quick to warm up to new friends. He's also a playful pup, so convincing him to play ball with you in the yard isn't so difficult. You don't even have to bribe him with CHEESE! Ope! That'll get him out there super fast because Jimmy loves his cheese.

We'll have more scoop on how Jimmy is with doggo friends soon!

Give us a call or text us at 913-671-7387 if you'd like to meet Jimmy. He's staying at the Raytown, MO, location and you can meet him and pet his uber soft fur by making an appointment.

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