She's an itty bitty apricot poodle.

This apricot mini poodle fluff is Joy. Joy weighs 11 pounds and is (clearly) adorable, with the sweetest little face.

Joy has so many wonderful qualities! For example, Joy gets along famously with cats and other small dogs. She rides quietly in a kennel in the car. And this girl LOVES to play fetch, especially with her small Kong tennis balls. How do you know Joy wants to play? Easy! The apricot poof will bring you one of her balls and politely ask you to throw it!

No matter how cute and cuddly Joy may look, and how fabulous she is, she needs a special home with patient, kind adults, and no kids. Joy takes a long time to warm up to new people and her adopters will have to let her go at her own pace. Once she knows and trusts you, she'll approach for affection, ask for pets, bring you her ball, and be your companion. But you have to give her space, lots of space.

If you think you're right for Joy, please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387. She's in the Kansas City metro.

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