Ladybug loves kids and enjoys a good romp with her canine pals, too.

This lovely girl is Ladybug. The most important thing to know about Ladybug is that she adores kids, including the little ones. She lived with three kids (4, 6, and 12 years old) and they all grew up with Ladybug. Ladybug slept in their rooms at night, she played with them, she cuddled with them. Those kids were Ladybug's very best friends.

Unfortunately, Ladybug's owner's girlfriend moved in and brought her four dogs and some kittens, and that meant there were just too many animals in the house. So, Ladybug had to go. We think you'll agree that Ladybug deserves so much better. Her life hasn't always been easy--she was dumped in the country when she was about three years old. Being saved from that situation was her first lucky break. Now she needs another.

Ladybug has so many great attributes and we're just positive that the right home is out there, waiting to make Ladybug their own.

She is a very chill, laid back girl, once she gets over the sheer joy of meeting new people. Some of her favorite activities are lounging on the couch, performing the most excellent zoomies on occasion, and chewing on her toys (but never on things she shouldn't). Ladybug also loves riding in the car and thinks it is great fun to stick her head out the window and bark in the wind as she glides along.

Ladybug gets along with other dogs and was especially fond of playing with a pug who used to live with her. We don't know how she would be with cats, but she's gotten along fine with kittens.

If you can give Ladybug her real forever home, and promise to love her and make her part of your family, please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387. She's in the KC metro, but we will happily hop in the car with Ladybug to bring her to the perfect home.

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