Luna has perfect house manners, knows a bunch of commands, and is so affectionate and loving.

Luna is all kinds of lovable goodness! She is extremely affectionate and sweet - she loves hugs, kisses, cuddles, and just being with her people. The couch is her favorite spot for a nap or afternoon lounge and she sleeps with her people in the bed. She also LOVES blankets and stuffed animals!

Luna is 100% house trained and vocally will tell you when she has to go potty or take you to the door and stare at it to give you an oh so subtle message. She is leash trained and does GREAT in the car, which is a really good thing because she is obsessed with car rides and drive thru's. Pup cups and French fries are her favorites!

Stuffies and lick mats are her favorite ways to pass the time. She loves being chased around the house and will actually bring you a stuffy and start to zoomie with it when she wants you to play with her. She knows sit, stay, paw (shake), lay down (but she rolls over for lay down LOL), turn (she spins), and wait. Her favorite words are stuffy, dinner, car ride, bye bye, pup cup, and treat.

As for inclement weather, Luna HATES rain and snow falling on her, but loves to run in and eat the snow. She loves bandanas and sweaters and t shirts. And she never ever chews things unless you leave the trash out. If you ask her where the squirellies are she will go look in the trees for them. She even stands point sometimes outside and it's adorable. She gets very used to new routines quickly and she will let you know if the routine is off once she's comfy! She roams the house listening to quiet classical music when her people are gone and has zero issues. Luna is also a fan of watching a little television, especially if there's an animal on it, preferably horses, dogs or cats.

Luna has stranger danger and will need a slow introduction to new people and dogs, but The Pet Connection would be happy to help with that!

Call or text us at 913-671-7387 for more information on this fabulous girl. She's in the Kansas City metro, but transport is available to the right home.

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