Gorgeous and good with dogs and kids -- Maverick is all that and a bag of chips!

Maverick (Mavi) was born ready to run! She loves having a job to do -- even if it's just running circles wearing out her furry siblings, but when it's quitting time she's always up for a good nap and her downtime. Mavi really appreciates her downtime, especially when it means being with her peeps.

She loves doing what her owners ask her to do and then getting lost in the moment chewing on a twig from a fallen branch. You can tell her to "place" and she knows exactly where to go and wait. Maverick is a very quick learner and so smart! You tell her to go get her rope and she knows exactly where she left it. Strangely, Mavi enjoys watching TV, particularly when horses are on. (Who knew?) Her favorite movies are Harry Potter and Ready Player One and she loves listening to Disney Radio when it's nap time.

Maverick is crate and house trained and doesn't need to be in a fenced in yard. She's even gone through basic obedience classes.

Mavi is great with adults, kids and babies. She is good with meeting other dogs as long as the introduction is a slow, supervised meeting. Then, once she meets, she enjoys playing with her new friends or laying in the sun next to them!

Interested in meeting this gorgeous girl with so many unique interests? Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 today! Maverick is in the Kansas City metro, but we'd be happy to transport her to the right home.

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