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Monty (Lip)

Monty's a huge fan of toys and hanging out on the couch with his people.

Hi! I’m Monty! I’m told my ears may be my best feature. Do you like my ears?

I had a wonderful home for some very good years, but my mama got sick and can't care for me and my three dog siblings anymore, which makes me very sad, but I'm hoping we can find new homes very soon. Maybe you can help?

I'm an active guy, and a friendly one at that! One of my favorite things to do is to play with toys. Rope toys and plush toys are my favorites! I love to sit on the couch with a human buddy and hang out. Also, I like to lean on people for affection. And if you give me butt scratches that makes me have a wiggle butt!

I already know some basic commands, too. I have a solid, “sit” for one! I’m also good on the leash! I’ve been good with other dogs, but, as always, if you have another dog, I would need a meet and greet with your dog to make sure we’re compatible.

To make a pet connection, call/text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 so you can learn more about me. I'm in the Kansas City metro, but transportation is available to bring me to the perfect home.

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