Pootie is a long-and-low senior corgi mix who would love to be your girl.

Pootie had a wonderful home with a devoted mama who loved her so, so much. Pootie's mom got very sick, though, and could no longer take care of her four precious senior pups. Pootie is one of those dogs.

Pootie is a sweet, playful corgi mix who likes to be with her dog pal, Dooley, and with other dogs, too. She is a fabulous companion dog and loves attention and pets from her people. One of Pootie's favorite things to do with her people, in addition to being a lap puppy and cuddling, is going for walks, where she gets to sniff and explore all of the exciting things in nature that dogs need to explore.

Pootie's about 35 pounds, long and low to the ground, and so darned cute. Pootie is housetrained and has such good house manners.

While it would be fabulous if Pootie and Dooley could go to a home together, it's not necessary. What we really want is for them to live the rest of their lives in warm, loving homes with people who will see to it that they know all the comforts that senior dogs should know. And treats. They should get all the treats, too.

Please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 if you can help. They are in the KC metro, but you know we will bring them to the right home(s).

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