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Radley would like you to pet her beautiful brindle coat, if you don't mind.

This beautiful brindle girl is looking for someone to follow around and snuggle with--couch or bed, your pick!

Radley is 7.5 years old and only 45 pounds. Her DNA test says she's 25% pit bull terrier, 20% boxer, and 55% all kinds of other sweet things mixed in. Whatever breed Radley is, we know she's smart. She is housetrained, crate trained, and when you tell her "go to bed," she will get in her dog bed right next to yours and sleep the night through. Radley also knows that when it's popcorn time for the family, she'll be getting some, too!

Once Radley knows you, she will happily greet you at the door with a wag and a wiggle, ready to tell you all about her day.

What's does Radley want in a home, you ask? Since she might need a minute to warm up to new people, someone who won't rush getting to know her is important. Radley has lived with a doggo sibling and done great, but definitely prefers the bigger canines over the smaller ones. And she's looking for a home with kids old enough to understand that Radley doesn't like to share her food or bones (they aren't very tasty anyway, really).

Radley's not a complicated canine. Love, attention, affection. Give The Pet Connection a call or text us at 913-671-7387 if you'd like more information about getting to know Radley.

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