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He's strong and playful, but loves just hanging out with his people, too.

Meet Ringo! He's our friend from Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue, and they care so much about Ringo that they are having him participate in our training program so he can be the best dog he can be.

Ringo's a strong, playful, active guy and, while he's full grown at about two years old, is really just a big puppy. His favorite toys are stuffies and Nylabones, in case you're wondering.

Ringo loves hanging out with his people. He's very affectionate, too. In fact, he wakes up his human every morning with his best snuggles! As for bedtimes, you won't need to read 237 bedtime stories to Ringo--he puts himself to bed promptly at 8:30 every night, no matter what's going on around him. He's very smart and so easy to train, but he taught himself that trick!

Ringo will need to be the only pet in his new home (no cats or other dogs) and he can be a lot for kids, so we're in search of an adult-only home for him.

Oh, Ringo has his own Facebook page with videos and more information! Check him out here

If you're interested in Ringo, call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387. He's staying in the Kansas City metro, but transport is available to the right home.

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