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If Scotch's wrinkled brow doesn't win you over, his energy and sweet personality will.

We'd like to introduce you to Scotch! He's obviously super cute and the color of butterscotch and, well...scotch, the top shelf variety, of course. He's only around 50 pounds or so and has a smooshy wrinkled face that makes you just want to squeeze him.

Scotch is still young, only around a year old. While a little shy at first, Scotch is a silly, playful boy who sneaks in the sweetest little kisses when you give him a minute to warm up to you.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention Scotch's love for treats, particularly the bacon-flavored delicacies (aka Beggin' Strips) and dog cookies. He's isn't a fan of getting into the car, but is very calm and quiet and lays down once he's in. Scotch is also awesome in his crate! He never whines or cries and sleeps through the night with no accidents.

If you already have dogs in your home, Scotch would be totally fine with that arrangement. In fact, Scotch would LOVE to have another doggo in his new home to help build his confidence.

He's still a pup, so he's filled with the energy often observed in the young. He loves to play and go on walks. But don't worry, Scotch settles right down afterward for some cuddles with his people.

Before being rescued, Scotch was a stray little dog living under bleachers in a park. His foster mama says he has such a gentle soul and deserves the best. We aim to make sure his life is filled with nothing but love from here on out.

Text or call us at 913-671-7387 for more info about how you can give this guy the forever home he deserves.


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