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Shiva's big personality and beautiful blue eyes will have you captivated in no time.

Meet Shiva, the 2-year-old Husky mix! What’s she like? We’ll spell it out for you:

S – Silver fox, sleek and a little sneaky to steal your food
H – Huggable, she loves your cuddles, hugs and attention
I – Intelligent! She’s a Husky, ’nuff said
V – Vivacious and very vocal
A – Avid jumper and ball chaser

No matter how you say it, Shiva is all Husky personality in all the best, fun ways. Though she can be a bit shy at first, she is always up for a good time and is full of energy. She would love a large yard to run and play in, and if it’s fenced, it needs to be at least six feet tall, because this girl has hops. She gets along great with most other dogs and would have a blast with a fur brother or sister to play with and wear each other out every day.

After some good times in the backyard, Shiva wants to be close to her humans and snuggle up. She likes it best when her humans are home, and being alone makes her sad, so people with a flexible schedule or who work from home would be ideal.

If you're looking for a high-energy, loving girl to be by your side through thick or thin, reach out to us about Shiva -- she's looking for YOU!

The Pet Connection 913-671-7387 (call/text). Shiva's in the KC metro, but transport is available to the right home.

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