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The Pet Connection

Experienced Behavioral Trainers, Community Resource and Animal Rescue

"They have changed my reactive dog’s life. She was scared and reactive to people, dogs, and the TV. She can now go on walks, relax with the TV on, and she can meet new people at our home. She even enjoys hosting parties with us! Do not hesitate to contact them if your dog is having a behavioral issue!"                                                                                                                             - Mikaelee

"At TPC you will find a team wholly dedicated to dogs who have been largely forgotten. TPC is the second chance for those dogs. They helped me place a shelter dog who was going on nearly two years without placement. This dog was in their care for exactly 20 days before they found him a home and offered continued services for the family that adopted. I can’t say enough good things about The Pet Connection."                                                                                                                                                       - Zeinab

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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to bring and keep pets and families together. All proceeds will go towards the animals and families we serve.

Winning Bundle Descriptions

Each bundle is valued, at the time of the raffle kick off, to have a retail cost of at least four times that of the $25 raffle ticket donation. Each whiskey was donated, as was the hand-crafted whiskey shelf. 


1) Grand Prize Blanton’s Bundle: 

This bundle includes one Blanton’s Special Reserve Kentucky Bourbon (700ml), one Tyrconnell Double Distilled Irish Whiskey (750ml), one Limavady Single Barrel Irish Whiskey (700ml).  The Grand Prize Bundle also includes a handcrafted Whiskey Display Shelf.  


2) Buffalo Trace Bundle: 

This bundle includes one Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750ml), one Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750ml), one Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream (750ml), and one Weller Special Reserve Bourbon (1000ml). 


3) Rye Bundle: 

This bundle includes one Sazerac Straight Rye (750ml), one Angels Envy Rye (750ml), and one Willet Small Batch Aged Rye (750ml). 


4) George Dickel Bundle: 

This bundle includes one George Dickel No. 3 Bottled-in-Bond 13-year Tennessee Whiskey (750ml), one George Dickel 8-year Aged Tennessee Bourbon (750ml), one Missouri Crown Club Grand Reserve Small Batch 7-year Aged Whiskey (750ml), and one J.Rieger’s Extra Fine Kansas City Straight Whiskey (750ml).


5) Classic Bundle: 

This bundle is made up of one Elija Craig Barrel Proof Kentucky Bourbon (750ml) and one Basil Hayden Kentucky Straight Whiskey (750ml).  


How to Participate

The raffle begins July 1, 2023 at 12:00am CST on our website


To purchase raffle ticket(s):

  1. Use the Donate button on our website, 

  2. Funds to “cover the PayPal fee” are appreciated, though not required to enter,

  3. When you enter your payment info, enter “Whiskey Raffle” in the Notes.


No purchase limit applies. Buy as many $25 tickets as you want.  Each $25 ticket gets you one chance to win 1 of 5 bundles. You must be 21 years or older to purchase tickets.  An email receipt for your donation for raffle ticket(s) will be sent immediately. You must be 21 years or older to enter or to take possession of winning bundles.


Note: The Pet Connection Board Members and independent contractors, along with their immediate family members, are not eligible for this raffle. Participants do not need to attend the raffle drawing to win. The raffle will be conducted in Kansas, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Void where participation is prohibited. 


Where do Proceeds Go?

All money raised from our raffles goes towards our mission to bring and keep pets with families, which includes scholarships for rescue pets and pets of low-income families needing our behavioral training and boarding/care services. The services we provide to many of the pets in our behavioral program are paid by donations. Pets in rescues and shelters, who would otherwise likely be euthanized, are rehabilitated to relieve their fears and anxieties to become adoptable! Families, who would otherwise likely have to surrender their pet, are able to use our low or no-cost behavioral program services to keep their pet with their family!  We would like to think that whiskey lovers will feel good knowing that your raffle purchase makes a difference in the lives of pets and low-income families we serve, even if you do not win.  If whiskey isn’t your thing, we would appreciate your donation on our website We'd love to have you volunteer with us, and even to Like and Share our social media posts @thepetconnection.  


Drawing for Winners

We have worked with the State of Kansas Dept of Revenue’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division to ensure we follow their non-profit, charitable raffle guidelines. The drawing will be conducted live at Conroy’s Public House Leawood at 12924 State Line Road, Leawood, KS and on Facebook

We will draw from a clear container of names on paper. Winners will be announced at that time. There will be five winners. You do not have to be present to win. Winners will be notified via email and phone within 48 hours of the drawing. 


Taking Possession of Bundles

Following our announcement via Facebook and communication to winners via phone and email, the winners will have 90 days to claim their bundle. 


Winning bundles will be made available for in-person pick up by those who are 21 years or older at one of our facilities of your choice: 

1) 9010 Rosehill Road in Lenexa, KS, 

2) 6204 Arlington Ave in Raytown, MO, or 

3) our sanctuary at 1301 Asherville Road, Lot E in Beloit, KS. 


In certain cases, our volunteers can work to set a meet-up location for prize delivery, if necessary.


Text or call us at 913-671-7387 with any questions, and thank you for supporting The Pet Connection.

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