The Pet Connection can help you and your family find the right dog or cat for your personality, home and lifestyle. To ensure that your relationship with your new pet is a happy and positive experience, The Pet Connection is here to provide training and support with a variety of services:

For Pet Owners

  • Dog and cat adoption services

  • Positive obedience training classes

  • Dog socialization and play groups/doggy daycare with trainer supervision

  • Consultation and positive training for aggression, housetraining, barrier and leash aggression, separation anxiety, and other common behaviors that may cause people to relinquish their pets

  • Foster care programs that enable dogs and cats to live in a home environment in order to avoid euthanasia at a shelter, recover from prior trauma and get accustomed to life in a household until the pet becomes more adoptable

  • Assistance to pet owners who are unable to keep their pets and wish to rehome their dog or cat responsibly

For Animal Rescue Organizations and Shelters

  • Seminars and workshops that teach positive staff interactions with shelter animals and methods to decrease shelter animals’ anxiety, making the shelter experience more humane and less stressful for the dogs and cats in your care

  • Consultation and training for dogs and cats that need to be rehabilitated due to aggression, fear, separation anxiety and other behaviors that keep pets from finding adoptive homes

Day Care at The Pet Connection

Things you should know about our doggy day care!

1. It's for social dogs only, however, we can work with dogs with certain behavioral needs as long as they are dog social. This is a great option for separation anxiety dogs in our program. The training center is set up like a little home.

2. These sessions are run by the training team.

3. There is a high dog to person ratio for play. The training team will help your dog have a GREAT day of socializing and be automatically encouraging good behaviors like: loose leash walking, greeting people appropriately, etc. We have a 1:5 ratio: 1 training team member per every 5 dogs. No more than 10 dogs in attendance.

4. Flexible drop off and pick up times with options to do earlier or later as needed.

5. Options to do training strengthening work with your dog.

Sign up today!!! This unique day care will fill up fast.

For more information, call or text 913.671.7387

Training with The Pet Connection

The Pet Connection can help assess your dog's behavior to provide appropriate training for you and your pet. We want to ensure that your relationship with your dog is a happy and positive experience, so we offer a variety of training and support options.

Private Classes

We hold 50-minute sessions at one of our locations. You and your dog work one-on-one with a member of our training team. The classes are customized to meet the needs of you and your dog.

In-Home Sessions

Our price (plus mileage) is based on a private one-hour session in your home, in a public area (i.e. park or neighborhood), or at your workplace to meet your needs. You and your dog will be working with a member of our training team.

Day Training

Prices are based on your dog being dropped off with a member of our training team in the morning and picked up in the late afternoon. Your dog will receive several training sessions throughout the day with play and rest times in between sessions.

Board and Train

When your dog is in board and train, the cost is based on the dog's level of need, length of stay, and location. The housing environment and number of training interactions per day varies by location.


Classes range from $65-$150 per session depending on type of services desired. Many of our clients receive subsidized programs which are determined individually.

Board and train pricing is available on request and is dependent on location and individual needs.



Day Train and Board & Train options in Stillwell, KS or Raytown, MO. 

Private classes, Daycare, and Group Puppy Class are held in Lenexa, KS or Raytown, MO. 

  • Please note: We do give scholarships based on income and other circumstances. 

  • 6 weeks semi private puppy classes - $150 

  • 4 weeks semi private advanced puppy classes - $100

  • Private classes work one on one with our experienced trainers to work on behavioral concerns such as fear aggression, dog reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding, dog to dog aggression, and more - $85 first session and $65 for any additional 

  • In-homes: work on the problems you see every day  in that same environment - $145 plus mileage 

  • Daytrain - a full day of one on one with one of our highly experienced trainers - $150

  • Social Dog Playgroups: a group of highly social dogs with a small dog to trainer ratio - $45 for a full day

  • Boarding with one of our trainers in a home environment - $100 a day

  • Board and Train - From dusk til dawn, they’ll be working with a trainer learning the ropes and changing their feelings behind each trigger - $190 a day