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Training, Support, and Care for Behavior Challenged Pets

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The Pet Connection can help you find the right dog or cat for your personality, family, home and lifestyle. Our training, support, and care services ensure that your relationship is a happy and positive experience throughout your pet's life. 

We want our clients to feel confident taking care of their pets no matter where they are or what troubles they're experiencing. From group training to private at-home training, we provide you with everything you need to develop a happy and positive relationship with your pet.

Our services are offered at any of four locations and range in price with many of our clients' fees subsidized to meet individual circumstances.

For Pet Owners

  • Pet Adoption Matching: Let Pet Connection help you define the criteria for the
    right fit pet for your family and lifestyle. Then we’ll introduce you to one of our
    pets or another we find from our many connections in the rescue community!

  • Dog socialization/doggy daycare with trainer supervision

  • Behavior Challenges Training Pet Connection is available to consult as well as
    provide positive training for aggression, barrier and leash
    aggression, separation anxiety and other common behaviors that may cause
    owners to relinquish their pets. The Pet Connection also provides positive obedience classes, housetraining, and training that does not involve aggression rehab. 

  • In-Home Training - let us come to you and show you the ropes in the same environment your troubles are in. 

  • Day train - a full day of one-on-one with our highly experienced trainers. 

  • Beginner and Advanced Puppy Classes - early socialization is the best socialization!

  • Speak! Q&A - Ask a Trainer your hard-hitting questions. 

  • Board and Train or Behavioral Boarding - for fur kids that have trouble at home or normal boarding facilities while their parents are gone, or may just need some extra one-on-one with a trainer.      Bonus: one of our trainers lives on site, so you'll never have to worry.  

  • Rehoming Assistance Program - Assistance to pet owners who are unable to keep their pets and wish to rehome their dog or cat responsibly. If this isn't your thing, here is a list of rescues

  • Low-Cost Vet Care around Kansas City

For Animal Rescue Organizations and Shelters

  • Seminars and workshops that teach positive staff interactions with shelter animals and methods to decrease shelter animals’ anxiety, making the shelter experience more humane and less stressful for the dogs and cats in your care

  • Foster care programs that enable dogs and cats to live in a home environment in order to avoid euthanasia at a shelter, recover from prior trauma and get accustomed to life in a household until the pet becomes more adoptable

  • Speak! Q&A - Ask a Trainer your hard-hitting questions. 

  • Board and Train - Have harder behavioral dogs you just can't take on right now? Ask us about our program for shelter dogs. 

  • Consultation and training for dogs and cats that need to be rehabilitated due to aggression, fear, separation anxiety and other behaviors that keep pets from finding adoptive homes

  • Breed Specific Legislation Articles - the fight never stops. 

If you are interested in any of our training services, please fill out a training request form.

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