The Pet Connection can help you and your family find the right dog or cat for your personality, home and lifestyle. To ensure that your relationship with your new pet is a happy and positive experience, The Pet Connection is here to provide training and support with a variety of services:

For Pet Owners

  • Dog and cat adoption services

  • Positive obedience training classes

  • Dog socialization and play groups

  • Consultation and positive training for aggression, housetraining, barrier and leash aggression, separation anxiety, and other common behaviors that may cause people to relinquish their pets

  • Foster care programs that enable dogs and cats to live in a home environment in order to avoid euthanasia at a shelter, recover from prior trauma and get accustomed to life in a household until the pet becomes more adoptable

  • Assistance to pet owners who are unable to keep their pets and wish to rehome their dog or cat responsibly

For Animal Rescue Organizations and Shelters

  • Seminars and workshops that teach positive staff interactions with shelter animals and methods to decrease shelter animals’ anxiety. We can show you how to make the shelter experience more humane and less stressful for the dogs and cats in your care

  • Consultation and training for dogs and cats that need to be rehabilitated due to aggression, fear, separation anxiety and other behaviors that keep pets from finding adoptive homes