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Social Dog Playgroups

A day long play group run by trainers for social dogs only, however, we can work with dogs with certain behavioral needs as long as they are dog social. This is a great option for separation anxiety dogs in our program. The training center is set up like a little home.

  • There is a high dog to person ratio for play. The training team will help your dog have a GREAT day of socializing and be automatically encouraging good behaviors like: loose leash walking, greeting people appropriately, etc. We have a 1:5 ratio: 1 training team member per every 5 dogs. No more than 10 dogs in attendance.

  • Flexible drop off and pick up times with options to do earlier or later as needed.

  • Options to do training strengthening work with your dog.

A group of highly social dogs with a small dog to trainer ratio - $45 for a full day

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