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Private Classes

The Pet Connection trainers and behavior members use a team approach in order to implement the ideas that have the highest success rate. Our five behavioral trainers working out of the Kansas City metro have a variety of backgrounds applicable to dog training and behavior. The Pet Connection implements positive reinforcement training methods, where the dog learns to face the trigger, but to respond appropriately. 


Read about our experienced trainers under “Our Team” in the drop down menu.

 We hold 50-minute private sessions at a couple of our locations. You and your dog work one-on-one with a member of our training team. The classes are customized to meet the needs of you and your dog. We have both volunteer dog and human helpers! 

This is Qetesh. 

Qetesh is fearful of people, especially men. We worked on this in classes using volunteers. 

Private classes work one on one with our experienced trainers to work on behavioral concerns such as fearfulness dog reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding, inappropriate dog-to-dog behavior, and more - $95 first session and $75 for any additional

Jax here is fearful of strangers and has separation anxiety from his human mom. This is Jax alone with one of our trainers, away from his mom. 

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