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Saving Death Row Dogs

Just look at that doll! Dynamo is about five years old and sooooo sweet and friendly with humans. He lived with three kids under the age of four and did great with them. True to his name, Dynamo is pretty energetic and would love an active family or a yard to explore, but he also appreciates a good cuddle and a soft dog bed (or five!). Dynamo is a lover of car rides, too!
Unfortunately, Dynamo didn't get along with the other dogs in his previous home. He's available now through our friends at Saving Death Row Dogs and is being trained by The Pet Connection in the Kansas City metro. 

Sadly in November of 2021, Dynamo was rushed to the emergency veterinary center. It turns out Dynamo had hemangiosarcoma on his spleen which required a splenectomy. He is now in a foster home, but is still available for adoption or to move to another hospice foster. Dynamo is still a big ball of love and energy and we are very thankful he is still with us. 
Call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more Dynamo info! We will happily drive this sweet boy to his  new home.

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