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Fostering Saves Live

Many dogs enter rescue with behavioral problems and need experienced fosters to keep them out of shelters where they can continue to decline. Behavioral fosters can provide compassion, love, and a warm, soft spot for these dogs to lay their head, while The Pet Connection covers expenses and training classes. Becoming a foster can mean a world of difference for those in need. Please email us at or call/text at (913)-671-7387 for information on fostering. 

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Foster Success Stories

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Mavis was surrendered to our care in early 2020 when she was not doing well at the previous animal rescue. While in boarding, Mavis suffered an injury to her neck and back, so one of our amazing volunteers brought her home until she healed. This volunteer became pretty attached to Mavis and kept fostering her until she found the perfect home. This foster kept up with Mavis’ training and medical support until she found her forever home in May of 2021. She’s been slowly introduced to the grandkids, whom she adores! Mavis was taken to the chiropractor for special care shortly after adoption and now romps and plays with her younger brother, Hercules. Her adopted family has given her lots of love and time for her to adjust to her new home!


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Manatee was hit by a car in 2019 and needed critical care to amputate one of his back legs. After Manatee was given emergency care, he needed a soft spot to land so he could heal. Manatee came in absolutely terrified for good reason. Who wouldn’t be when you’re only thirteen pounds, nowhere near home, and were just struck by a moving vehicle? In his foster home, the family found out Manny is a sweet, loving boy who gets along great with the other dogs in the home. He does well with dogs that are larger than him but not with dogs that are smaller than him or cats. Manny is not a fan of the felines. He especially loves to sleep under the covers, cuddle on the couch, and explore the yard. He can be distrustful of strangers and his adopter will need to take it slowly with meeting him and continue his training to accept strangers more positively. With what he's been through, can you blame the poor guy? Aside from those foibles, Manny is an absolute cuddle bug angel, and incredibly loyal and dedicated to his caregiver. Manny was adopted about 6 months later and now lives with a loving family. Without his foster home we would not know all of these wonderful things about Manatee and would not have found him the most perfect home!


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Robo came into a city shelter in 2019 as a stray. Robo was then tagged for a pitbull specific rescue since he was so dang handsome! The longer Robo waited to be transferred, the more he deteriorated. Robo then came to The Pet Connection in August of 2019, where he started out fine, but the longer he was in the shelter setting the more he deteriorated and brought out undesirable behaviors. Robo was adopted and returned months later through no fault of his own. He again deteriorated just being in the shelter setting, so a trainer at The Pet Connection took him home to foster. Robo is doing wonderful in his foster home a couple months later, and things are only looking up! Since coming in to the foster home, we’ve found out Robo is a sensitive boy that loves to snack on everything his human snacks on, chill out on the couch, and follow his foster mom around all day. He is fairly energetic and loves to please, so we do lots of obedience training! He could not care less about the neighbor dogs next door, and only wants to play with the other dogs in the home. Robo wants nothing more than to have his own human he can follow around with his toys and snuggle with. He is still looking for his forever home.


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