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Rehoming Assistance Program

We know rehoming your pet can get difficult. We also know that not every dog thrives in a shelter environment. This gives you an opportunity to rehome your pet while keeping them out of the shelter.  

  • Are you needing to rehome your pet? The Pet Connection does not have an intake program with space readily available to take in surrendered animals, but we are more than happy to assist in rehome! The Pet Connection assists in rehoming family pets by promoting them online, assisting in training/rehab, sorting through applications, as well as scheduling meet and greets and assisting with the adoption itself.                    Rehome Qualifications: 

    • We do not know how long the rehome process will take, so if you are needing the animal placed quickly please check with local rescues or contact us for other suggestions. 

    • The pet must be up to date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered prior to rehome. 

    • Your pet must come to our training classes and you have to do the homework. We must see the animal and assess them before moving forward. 

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