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Private Owner

Little Miss Airplane Ears (aka Gretchen) would be happy to make your acquaintance! She's a retriever mix, about 6 years old and a little gal at around 40 pounds. She's an uber cuddly pooch who appreciates hanging with her adult humans (the noisy, scary little kids, not so much). One of her favorite games is to have you throw her rope toy, which she not only fetches, but actually brings back to you!
Gretchen is a smart girl, too! She knows how to drop it, lie down, sit, leave it, and she's never ever had an accident in the house. She enjoys spending time in her kennel and will head right for it when you say the magic word--"kennel"! But, here's the thing--Gretchen doesn't need to be in a kennel when you're not home because she's perfectly well behaved when allowed to free roam.
If you already have a dog, you'll be pleased to know that Gretchen gets along with other canines just fine. She has not had occasion to meet cats.
Please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 for more info on Gretchen. She needs a quiet home with patient owners who will give her time to warm up to them. If you're willing to do that, she'll be your very best friend.

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